I donated my $25K Affiliate Bonus To Build 2 Homes to 2 Deserving Families In Mexico

Building More Than Just Homes: A Journey of Heartfelt Giving and Unforgettable Connections

The Spark That Ignited the Fire
A few months back, I sat in front of my laptop, eyes glued to the screen, watching Russell Brunson announce the ClickFunnels 2.0 launch bonus. The top 5 on his leaderboard would receive hefty bonus checks. A light bulb went off in my head: “I have to be on that list!” But not for the reasons you might think. This wasn’t about pocketing extra cash; this was about building homes for two incredible families down in Baja, Mexico. Fast forward to today, I’m thrilled to announce that we placed 3rd overall and earned a $25,000 check, which has been used to change lives.

The Dynamic Duo: The Boughton Bros
First off, let me give a standing ovation to my brother Jeremy Boughton. Getting this $25,000 affiliate bonus wouldn’t have been possible without him. This guy is the real MVP. We were like Batman and Robin, working day and night, fueled by caffeine and a shared dream. Jeremy, you’re not just my brother; you’re my comrade-in-arms in this mission to make the world a better place.

Why Give It All Away? The Soul-Stirring Answer
Some might wonder, why donate the entire amount? Why not keep some for yourself? The answer is simple: the emotional and spiritual rewards are priceless. 
The emotional currency I’ve earned is richer than any dollar amount. Every hammer strike and every nail driven brings a sense of joy and fulfillment that’s hard to put into words.
It’s like God himself is taking note and showering us with blessings in return.

A Weekend of Miracles: 72 Hours That Changed Lives
Picture this: 34 souls—family, friends, clients—descend upon a small farm village in Baja. We teamed up with the incredible folks at Baja Bound Builds, and what happened next was awe-inspiring. In just 72 hours, we lifted two families off the dirt ground and into the warmth and safety of fully insulated two-bedroom homes. The air was thick with emotion, and not a single eye was dry.

The Ripple Effect: Changing Lives Beyond the Build
But the impact didn’t stop there. The impact of this event extends far beyond the immediate build. Jeremy Boughton, Nick Proffer, Javier Carlin are have all committed to break the cycle of generational poverty by sponsoring the cost of education for 3 children. Julie Larson and her family have committed to sponsoring a house build. Javier A. Carlin and Marissa Carlin are gearing up to sponsor their first house build in Spring 2024. 
The ripple effect is real, folks!

The Road Ahead: A Million-Dollar Dream
With 3 homes under our belt, our eyes are now set on a loftier goal: 97 more homes and a whopping $1,000,000 in donations. Inspired by Dave Woodward, who first taught me the power of “tithe,” we’re not stopping until we hit that target.

The Gift of Giving
If you’re still contemplating whether to give, let me share a nugget of wisdom: Entrepreneurship isn’t just about fattening your wallet. It’s also about the impact you can make with those earnings. 
Imagine using your financial gains as a tool to rewrite someone’s life story for the better. So don’t hold back—start your giving journey today. Even if your contribution feels small, take that first step. You’ll be surprised how the universe has a way of amplifying your generosity, enriching not just others’ lives, but yours as well.
Here’s to building more homes, forging deeper connections, and making this world a better place, one nail at a time!

Shout Outs:

  • Coach Brad Newman**: The man who showed me the ropes and introduced me to this life-changing community. Brad, your energy is contagious! 
  • Kelsey Jans: You brought more than just clothes and toys; you brought pure joy to those kids. I can still see their beaming faces!
  • Matt Gade: The logistical wizard behind the scenes. Planning one build is tough; planning multiple is Herculean. Hats off to you!
  • Shaun Boughton: My brother, your sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed. You’re the backbone of this mission.
  • Mike Sherbakov and Greatness Ventures: Your mentorship has been invaluable. You’ve shown us the ropes, and for that, we’re eternally grateful.
  • And let’s not forget the 50 amazing humans who chipped in an additional $7,380 for solar panels, water tanks, and other essentials.

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